A body of trained lay workers, who have been prepared to serve the church by the Pastor called Deacons and Deaconess. The Diaconate ministry serves as a model to the church through the character of his/her life as well as through their involvement in ministry.

Deacon Ministry

The Deacon Ministry carries out the responsibilities as described in the Holy Scriptures, Acts 6:1-6 and Timothy 3:8-13. Deacons are servants of Jesus Christ and to Friendship Baptist Church. They shall assist the pastor in overseeing the spiritual concerns and work of the church. They shall give spiritual leadership to the congregation. Based upon scriptures their duties include:

  • Caring for the people - church members, as well as others who may come and present a need to the church. The Deacons concern themselves with the physical wellbeing, and spiritual well-being, of church membership.
  • Supporting the ministry of the Word (Acts 6:3) - Deacons serve the church as a whole by helping with responsibilities that include spiritual growth of the church. They serve as armor bearers for the Pastor; encouraging and supporting the Pastor including providing assistance to the Pastor’s and Pulpit Staff in administering the Lord’s Supper and Baptism.

Deaconess Ministry

Women who meet the designated requisites and qualifications for this ministry as expressed by the church (I Timothy 3:11, Romans 16:1-2). Deaconesses assist in the Baptism Service of New Converts. While supporting the Pastor and the Deacon Board, the Deaconess Ministry Mission and goal is to personify Christ-like behavior in all that we do in service to God, fellow members of Friendship, and our community (John 21:7 – 17). We strive to fulfill this mandate by: setting examples of exemplary leadership and conduct (Philippians 2:2 – 4; Philippians 4:8 – 9; Corinthians 4:2); Leading ordered, prayerful and spirit filled lives designed by Christ; Growing in our knowledge of Christ’s holy word through continued bible study and prayer while teaching the goodness of God to others; Acting as earthly role models and counselors especially to our young women (Titus 2:3 – 5) and the new members of the church; and living and modeling our service through the instructions given to us in Hebrews 13:1 – 9.